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The NCFYR Announces the North Carolina Young Republican Caucus

RALEIGH, N.C. – As more young Republicans are stepping up to the plate and running for office, recently elected legislators formed the first Young Republican Legislative Caucus. Rep. Jake Johnson, currently the youngest elected official in the General Assembly, will chair the House side of the bicameral caucus, while Sen. Dave Craven will chair the Senate.

“While many from our generation have been bullied into aligning with the woke agenda of the left, I am proud to stand with this group to promote commonsense conservative legislation that protects the principles that made this state great," said Rep. Johnson.

“It is an honor to serve as Chair of the Senate Young Republican caucus,” added Sen. Dave Craven. “I am excited to work alongside the Young Republican organization in recruiting and electing the next generation of Republican leaders. I welcome other young Republicans serving in the legislature to join me in standing up for conservative values in North Carolina.”

Other legislators and their positions in the caucus include:

Senate Vice Chair Sen. Benton Sawrey (R – SD10)

House Vice Chair Rep. Kyle Hall (R – HD91)

House Secretary Rep. Jarrod Lowery (R – HD47)

“We are excited about the formation of this Young Republican legislative caucus in the North Carolina general assembly,” stated North Carolina Federation of Young Republicans Chairwoman Catherine Whiteford. “The Young Republican National Federation has a goal of creating legislative caucuses such as this all across our nation to develop a network of elected Young Republicans to be able to work together to continue to further our mission.”

Open to those under the age of 41, the North Carolina Federation of Young Republicans are tasked with recruiting, training, and electing conservatives for public office. The NCFYRs currently have 32 chapters and serve on the NCGOP's Central Committee.


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